The Lasertel supply chain includes a wide range of suppliers to provide the varied components used in its products. Interested in becoming part of the team? See the links below.

Supplier Setup Form

Use this form, along with your W-9, to provide the basic details of your business, e.g. name, type, products.

Lasertel Terms and Conditions

Please refer to this document for Lasertel's standard purchase order terms and conditions.

Credit Information

Please contact Lasertel at 520-744-5700

Supplier Quality Certification Request

Lasertel is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified. Quality is important to us. Show us how important it is to you and keep us apprised of any improvements you make!

Certificate of Conformance Request

Lasertel requires that a certificate of conformance accompany each and every lot of material manufactured to Lasertel specification. As stated above, quality is important to us!

FAR and DFAR Provisions

Lasertel is sometimes required to flowdown FAR and DFAR provisions to its subcontractors. If you receive a purchase order subject to said provisions, the specifics can be found below:

Quality Assurance Provisions

Please refer to this document for Lasertel’s quality assurance provisions.

Please refer to this document for additional quality assurance provision information.
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