Utilizing a patented monolithic design that requires only filtered water (not deionized) eliminates the most common failure mechanisms associated with microchannel cooled laser diodes. Lasertel’s CW laser diode stacks require no o-rings or rubber gaskets allowing them to perform reliably in harsh environments.


  • Designed to eliminate common failure mechanisms associated with competing CW stack array technology
    • Monolithic design with no o-rings or rubber gaskets to eliminate failure due to water leaks.
    • Environmentally robust – expansion-matched hard solder assembly to allow for stable performance over large temperature ranges and extreme shock and vibration.
    • Compatible with industrial water
    • Compatible with relaxed filtration requirements
  • Flexible footprint
  • Compatible with environmentally demanding applications
  • Bar to bar pitch as low as 1.1mm for increased brightness.
  • Enhanced heat removal capability resulting in a thermal resistance of <0.1°C/W
    • Lensed and wavelength stabilized configurations available
    • 4mrad FFFA beam divergence
    • 8mrad beam to beam parallelism
    • ±0.5nm peak wavelength tolerance, 0.3nm spectral

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